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3D Animation Workshop: Lesson 104: Finishing the Character | 3

Lesson 104 - Finishing the Character - Part 3

The finished version is a completely regular quadrangular mesh. At one iteration of MeshSmooth subdivision, the result is 3,000 quads (6,000 triangles).

There is no detail in the head or face yet, of course, but the simple hands with their five extruded fingers suck up almost one third of the entire polygon count!
With two iterations of smoothing, there are exactly four times as many polygons. 12,000 quads (24,000 triangles) is not an overwhelming number, to be sure, but we haven't worked in any facial details. One approach would be to collapse the result (above) with one level of iteration and edit that geometry to craft the face. By moving from Editable Patch to Editable Mesh at this point, you could make use of the Soft Selection tools for organic editing.

To my eye, there's something pleasing about a perfectly regular mesh. The modeler is both an artist and a craftsman, not to mention something of an architect. I like a model that speaks directly of how it was made.

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