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3D Animation Workshop: Lesson 116: New Subdivision Tools in MAX 4 | 3

Lesson 116 - New Subdivision Tools in MAX 4 - Part 3

The Crease parameter for edges is new, but the Weight parameter has been around since MAX 3, at least in the MeshSmooth modifier. I've never found the Weight parameter all that useful, but it takes on more vitality when combined with the Crease. Notice how increasing the Weight of the Creased edges changes the shape in a useful way. These kinds of basic shapes are not the sort of thing you might have thought of creating with subdivision surfaces before.

Editable Poly also introduces a simple subdivision (as opposed to subdivision surface) tool. You can use the NURMS algorithm to subdivide the polygonal mesh or any part of it, without preserving a control mesh. This often makes good sense. As the subdivision does not apply to the entire mesh unless you want it to, you'll find the Subdivide/MeshSmooth tool in the various sub-object levels of the Editable Poly panel. Each press of the button applies another iteration of subdivision to the selected region. You have to manage your own Smoothing Groups in the Polygon sub-object panel.

The following images will give you the idea. The top quad is selected for subdivision.

Examine the result after one iteration, and note the triangular "stitching" in the transition area.

This issue is important because the subdivision inherently reaches beyond the selected area. For example, if we wish to smooth the top further and select the entire subdivided region (everything above the lower row of quads), the result is probably not what we want.

By selecting only the quads above the transitional triangles, we keep the second iteration of subdivision within the desired limits.

We'll continue our look at Editable Poly next time.

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