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Ad Software Shoot Out
Charlie Morris corrals all the ad software guns in town, and when their pistols stop a-blazin' and the smoke settles he'll show ya' the best one for your spread. 8-25-98
Designing your E-Commerce Site for Service
Fergal Byrne takes us for a tour of the components of a working e-business system: from the customer's view - visuals, navigation, and content; to the stockroom - catalogs, product information, inventory/resource management; to the back office - payment, customer service, query tracking, order management and delivery; to the boardroom - measuring, planning and managing business. 5-1-98
Evolving E-Commerce to the Next Generation
Mark Merkow returns with solid advice, information, and real world examples of making the transition to improved e-commerce solutions. Whether you are starting from scratch, working from an offline legacy system, or seeking to improve a current online system Mark will help you evaluate the options and choose the best direction for your company's needs. 4-24-98
Real-World E-commerce
Before you head out the door on your way to the gold rush of the late 20th century (electronic commerce), make sure you know what basic provisions you will need. AdNet's own Fergal Byrne gives an insider's account and helps you avoid some of the pitfalls on the road to riches. By Fergal Byrne 4-7-98
EXTRA! Doc JavaScript Cures the Year 2000 Bug
Are your scripts ready for the next millenium? The Doc prescribes a healthy dose of date magic so your scripts will work in the 21st century, and beyond. By Tomer Shiran. 2-4-98

EXTRA! Netscape Releases Source Code: A Conversation with Tim O'Reilly
Buried among the headlines last week was the astonishing news that Netscape is releasing the family jewels - the source code for Netscape Navigator. We asked Tim O'Reilly, founder of the publishing house that bears his name, for his opinions on this new development. By Rich Wiggins. 1-28-98

Digital Watermarks: New Tools for Copyright Owners and Webmasters
Do you want all of your hard work to be stolen? Or do you prefer getting credit and payment for it? With digital watermarks you now have a choice, learn more about this emerging technology from an attorney specializing in intellectual property law. By Doug Isenberg. 1-20-98

E-Commerce Shifts to Enterprise-wide Solutions
Lost in the maze of e-commerce "solutions?" Ed Thurston maps a clear path for your business enterprise. If you need to start making real money from the Web this is a great place to begin. 1-17-98

WebTV Design Guide for Webmasters
Learn how to design your web pages for display on WebTV, including the new Plus model. Colors, fonts, HTML tips, and WebTV-specific HTML tags are covered, including a screen shot of WebReference on WebTV. Learn "broadcast design" that accommodates devices of all shapes and sizes. By Kathy Casper. 1-1-98

OBI: Goods and Services at Web Speed
The Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) initiative is a standard createdby the Internet Purchasing Roundtable to help facilitate e-commercebetween businesses. OBI promises to streamline interoperability, reduce costs, and increase profits. By Mark Merkow. 12-19-97

E-commerce: Charged Up, Ready, and SET to Explode
E-commerce is about to take off, but consumers are demanding better security. Read an overview of SET (Secure Electronic Transactions), an end-to-end e-commerce standard that provides a high level of security through encryption and digital certificates. By Mark Merkow. 9-12-97.

Extraordinary Extranets
Business to business communication and cooperation is thriving, and extranets are a big part of that trend. Read an overview of how extranets are changing the way we do business. Both the pros and cons of extranets are explored with outstanding examples, and the new Extranet Alliance. By Mark Merkow. 8-28-97

Cascading Style Sheets
An entire book devoted to Cascading Style Sheets, from the folks who should know, the authors of style sheets. Learn how style sheets can work to save you time and format your entire site. By Hakon Lee and Bert Bos of the W3C. 3-25-97

Java in a Nutshell
"A Desktop Quick reference for Java Programmers" Based on Java 1.0 this book is often cited as one of the best books available on Java. Includes a tutorial for C and C++ programmers. 1-15-97

Creating Dynamic Web Sites
"A Webmaster's Guide to Interactive Media." The art of balancing dynamic interactivity with speed is an elusive one. Fisher walks this tightrope well by first considering the human side of the equation. An emphasis on interactivity, sensible design, and user psychology makes this book a useful addition to any webmaster's bookshelf. 12-21-96

Staking a Claim in Cyberspace
Kids.com, chat.com, java.com, future.com, all highly desirable domain names, all recently acquired by CNET. Domain names have become a form of virtual real-estate, and a cottage industry is being built around them. Read an overview of the domain name market from an expert. By Edwin Hayward. 12-14-96.

Writing Well for the Web
The Web is quickly becoming littered with misplaced periods, malformed it's, and misspelled words. Its time to put a stop to all that! [sic] Writing for the Web is different. You've got to write tight, spell well, and know how to grab their attention. Learn how from an expert. By Catherine Titta. 12-7-96

Publicity on the Internet
Read an excerpt of this fine book. Do you want more hits? Do you want to get noticed without getting flamed? Do you want to reach the online media without making them mad? Then you've got to get Publicity on the Internet, a complete guide to promoting any product, service, person, or event on the Internet and commercial online services. By Steve O'Keefe 11-21-96.

Web Site Translation
"A Primer for Webmasters, Authors and Owners." You've got a multinational company, why not a multilingual Web site? Learn the marketing, translation, technical and project management issues which surround the translation of a corporate Web site. By Robert Hopkins, Jr. 11-18-96.

The JavaScript Sourcebook
Read Chapter 16: JavaScript and Forms. Learn how to effectively use JavaScript with forms. Take a load off your server by using JavaScript to validate your forms. Learn how to create and control the various parts of forms. By Gordon McComb. 10-31-96.

GIF Animation Studio
Everything you'd want to know about GIF animation. Details the major animation programs, profiles leading designers, and documents advanced animation techniques. Read about how to create an animated wall, all about disposal methods, and more. By Richard Koman, of Web Review. 10-30-96.

Web Site Administrator's Survival Guide
A hands-on webmastering book. Shows how to set up, administer, care for, and feed your own Web server. Read Chapter 3: Establishing the Connection. Chapter 2 shows you what you need, now learn how to establish that connection to the Internet. Explains the sometimes arcane language of IP addresses, routing, host and domain names, and setting up name services. 10-25-96.

JavaScript for Pros
A preview this upcoming book. An application-based JavaScript book that skips the history, VBScript, Java, and ActiveX, and focuses on one thing, how to write JavaScript. Read a chapter on event handlers. By Reaz Hoque. 10-21-96.

QuickTime VR
"A cutting edge virtual reality delivery platform for the Web and CD-ROM." Learn how to create QTVR movies from an expert, with this first-hand report. Compares QTVR to VRML, and includes two movies you can navigate around. By June Campbell. 10-24-96.

Search Engines
A hype-free, non-technical look at these new tools of the Information Age. This article explores the popular search engine services from both the "how to find" and "how to be found" perspectives. A number of practical search examples are given, from finding hit tracking software to the most obscure bits of knowledge. The performance of the various engines is compared. You'll find the results surprising and helpful in selecting which search engine to use. By Bruce Grossan. 9-2-96

Netscape 3.0 - A summary Update!
A summary of the new features of Netscape 3.0. Highlights include auto e-mailing of Web pages to Netscape's inbox, table cell background colors, back button now works with frames, frame border control, more spacing control, Java and JavaScript improvements, and "Live" features (connect, audio, video, and cooltalk) which allow improved multimedia and collaboration. 8-22-96

"To the Information Superhighway." Take an interactive course on using the Internet by Patrick Crispen, famous for his clarity and pesky squirrels. 8-13-96

Java: One Year Out
A hype-free analysis of the spread of Java through society. Using innovation diffusion theory pioneered by Everett Rogers, Regan presents the five key characteristics of successful innovations and measures how Java stacks up. Based on an updated version of her Masters thesis for Information Science, this article concludes that after one year Java has met, and exceeded in some instances, the criteria for a successful and lasting innovation. By Bridget Regan. 7-31-96

Programming with HTML Forms
An introduction to forms and the CGI scripts necessary to process them. Includes three working examples in C. By Andrew Davison. 5-7-96

Of AT&T, AOL, and ISPs: Whither On-Ramp Intermediaries?
What will happen to the major on-line providers in the wake of AT&T's WorldNet and other cheap ISPs? Based on the ongoing HERMES research project, Prof. Sunil Gupta outlines the ISP skills necessary to survive in this new highly competitive environment. 4-18-96

Matters of Development...
An opinion piece about the proliferation of web developers and the compelling need for high quality content. Originally published in THE Mesh a regional magazine about cyberspace. Submitted by John December, author of numerous Web and Internet books including the Unleashed series.

HTML 3.2 and Netscape 3.0
Guidelines on which Netscape extensions to use to comply with the HTML 3.0 draft. Now expanded and improved to include HTML 3.2 and Netscape 3.0.

What Makes a Great Web Site?
The essential traits of great web sites. Timely original content, interactivity, good organization, and easy navigation are some characteristics of great web sites.

Repetitive Strain Injury - The Hidden Cost of Computing
How to prevent and cure it. The author got a case, saw an expert, and shares with you what he learned.

Fireworks on the Web: 24 Hours in Cyberspace
What happens when you mix computers with 11,000 MB of RAM and 300 GB of disk storage with thousands of talented people? A massive explosion of creativity. Read about how you can win a $100,000 Webmaster's Package in this February 8 event, which will be digitally "simulcast" to AOL users.

A Tale of Two Modems
The ZyXEL U-1496e vs. the Supra V32.bis.

Web Development
This compound article summarizes the complete life cycle of web development: planning, analysis, design, implementation, and promotion. Key practices and online resources are given for each process. By John December.

The Balkanization of the Web
A counterpoint to my Netscape HTML 3.0 guidelines article. This in-depth essay predicts the future of HTML and shows how the Web has broken into three distinct markets: information, exchange, and entertainment. Says that we can't wait for HTML standards committees, browsers are moving too fast. Proposes HTML 3.0 Lite for the Information market, which includes many typographic and layout features.
Submitted by David Siegel. HTML. 1996.

The Vision of an Accomplished Webmaster
An interview with Elizabeth Osder, the New York Times' new content development editor, and webmaster of many award winning sites. She shares the steps and techniques she uses to create great sites. From the December, 1995 issue of Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine.

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