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Blogging: The Free Internet Marketing Method

Blogging: The Free Internet Marketing Method

By Rodney T.

It's been years since blogging has been introduced, but just recently it's become one of the addicting fads. Many teenagers have resorted to blogging as an outlet for their emotions, a little online nook where they can blurt out whatever just bugs them or whatever makes them feel elated. Savvy marketers have discovered that blogging is one of the best Internet marketing methods that won't cost you a cent.

What exactly is blogging? The word Blog is a shortened form of the term, web log. Basically, a blog is an online journal. A blog could be set up with no cost at all, and can be used for just for the fun of it or for business reasons.

Blogging for your Internet business is one method of boosting the visibility of your products and services. Here are a few ways to boost your Internet advertising with the help of a blog:

  1. Make your clients or customers aware of alterations to your Web site. As an example, new products and affiliate Web sites could be announced through your blog.

  2. Keep track of your business objectives and plans. Your blog content can be easily stored through archives. What could be better than searchable information that could be easily accessed by anyone browsing the Web?

  3. Air your opinions, advice or reviews on specific services or products that are related to your business. Publishing is easy with blogging.

  4. Include links that will fetch other links and subsequently improve your ranking on search engines. These could be executed through placing well-written articles on your Web site. Affiliate links could also be included in your blog to earn extra income.

  5. Collect responses through comments from your readership. This can be invaluable in helping you to improve your products and services.

  6. Connect with other bloggers. When other bloggers notice that you have something good in your blog, they're likely to add your blog on their favorites list. This will automatically link you to their blogs.

  7. You can promote your blog with ppc (paid-per-click advertising such as AdWords), through search engines and advertising.

  8. Share your thoughts with family, friends, as well as local and social events. Pictures and music, videos, current events from your point of view, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays are all important enough to blog.

  9. Social networks such as Myspace, Apsense, Facebook, Bizpreneur and Bigdaddyfriends offer good opportunities to share and blog.

  10. Take time daily to add content to your blog.

So, how do you set up a blog? Either you load a blogging application onto an ISP or let a blogging hosting service do it for you. Host services such as LiveJournal and are the most popular in this field. These hosts will provide you with easy instructions on how to set up your blog. Other options that offer control over the application are WordPress and Movable Type.

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