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Information Design

Information design deals with the structuring of information to make the complex clear and includes information architecture.

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Information Anxiety2: A Guidebook for the Information Age
Overwhelmed by the glut of information? How about some more information on how to deal with it? Read Laurie Gray's review of Information Anxiety2.
Information Architecture - A New Opportunity
Angshuman Das discusses the ongoing debate between user-centered, simple design vs. media-rich, cinematic Web sites. Das suggested designers capitalize on becoming Information Architects by combining both methods.
Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 2nd Edition
Key to your ability to design a solid, efficient infrastructure for your site is your ability to understand and implement the appropriate organization system. Our two part excerpt looks at organization systems in general, and the specific systems we use on Web sites. From O'Reilly.
Looking for Metadata in All the Wrong Places
Info architect Lou Rosenfeld talks about controlled vocabularies for classifying your content. Learn how to choose the right descriptive terms so that search engines and users can find your site.
Moving Large Documents to the Web
Converting large-scale documents for the Web can be a challenge. Learn how proven information design principles can tame those monster documents. By Rick Diehl.
Object Orientation: Skills for Information Architects
Peggy Brown shows that object-oriented information design modularizes information into discrete objects with specific behaviors, benefits and attributes. By viewing your project as a collection of objects, design decisions become clear. Does this gizmo benefit the user?

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