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Makers of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Alchemy Mindworks
Makers of the shareware GIF Construction Set (GIF89a) and Graphics Workshop for Windows/DOS.
Alien Skin Software
Makers of The Black Box Photoshop plug-in, useful for text effects.
3D Studio and CAD programs. Now outputs VRML.
Auto F/X
Makers of WebVise and Universal Animator plug-in.
BoxTop Software
Creators of the popular Photoshop plug-ins PhotoGIF, ProJPEG, GIFMation (an easy to use cross platform GIF animation application), ColorSafe, and ImageVice.
Makers of the 3D software trueSpace.
Makers of Corel Draw.
Digital Frontiers
Makers of the revolutionary HVS Color and the new Webfocus Toolkit.
Makers of Debabelizer, which can convert practically any graphics format to any other one. Now supports PNG and Progressive JPEGs.
Fractal Design Corporation
Makers of Painter and Ray Dream Studio for the Mac and Windows OS.
Group 42
Makers of Web Image and Graph-X.
Hemera Technologies
Makers of PhotoObjects and NetGraphcis Studio.
Jasc Software
Makers of PaintShop Pro for Windows machines.
Products include 3D Studio Max, Character Studio and 3D Studio Viz.
Makers of the PhotoCD and Pro PhotoCD, an excellent way to transfer your slides (35mm to 4 X 5) onto the Web. You can search for PhotoCD vendors in your area.
Lari Software Inc.
Makers of Apple Electrifier, LightningDraw Lite, and LightningDraw GX.
Makers of Flash, Shockwave Director, Freehand and other products for web development.
Makers of Kai's Power Tools, KPT Convolver, KPT Vector Effects, KPT Bryce, and Live Picture. KPT 3.0 and Convolver are essential plug-ins for the professional Photoshop artist.
Web based products include Picture Publisher, Webtricity, and Simply 3D.
Makers of Lightwave 3D, a 3D modeler that can output VRML.
Silicon Graphics
Graphics and graphic workstation company. Makers of the Indy series of workstations, powerful web servers, and WebSpace a 3D VRML browser.
Makers of Infini-D, Logomotion, Collage and more.
Graphics applications for Windows users. Products include Web Tools, and ColorWorks.
Studio Pro, MediaPaint, Instant3D, and Instant Replay. Studio Pro Blitz 1.75 can output VRML files.
Offers various programs such as PhotoImpact, Cool3D, WebRazor and other web utilities.
Photoshop plug-ins and other Web imaging tools.
Makers of 3D modelling programs, soon to incorporate VRML.
Makers of CorelXara, Xara Webster and Xara3D.

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