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HTML Collections

Beginning HTML Links
About.com offers up a collection of links for HTML beginners.
Essential Links: HTML
Large collection of organized and annotated links about HTML and related topics.
HTML Resources
A good collection of "documents that help you write HTML." From the HTML Writers Guild.
Hypertext Markup Language Home Page (*)
An overview page with current and past HTML specs, future standards recommendations, links, guidlines and much more. From the W3C.
Introduction to HTML
A well-organized collection of HTML tag and syntax information. From the University of Toronto.
Nuthin' but Links: HTML
Links and more links, with descriptions and commentary.
Open Directory: Markup Languages: HTML
HTML reference and tutorial sites, reviewed by the Open Directory editors. From DMOZ.org.
Web Design Group
Offers material on a wide range of HTML related topics, with FAQs, HTML help BBS, tutorials and more.
WDVL: HTML-The Hypertext Markup Language
The Web Developer's Virtual Library presents several valuable articles, tutorials, and references on HTML.
WebDeveloper: All About HTML
Features Frequently Asked Questions, useful links and reviews of HTML authoring tools. Also features a collection of links about advanced HTML and related topics.

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