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When frames were first introduced, they started showing up everywhere on the Web. Since then, the popularity of frames has dwindled, but they can still provide powerful solutions for site development.

WebReference Articles

Dynamic Synchronized Frames
WebReference's own Peter Belesis takes a look at frame usage and techniques with DHTML.
Framing the Web
A tutorial on Frames, first introduced in Netscape 2.0. Explains how to create frames that adjust automatically to window size, frame interaction including "magic" targets, all using text and working examples. By Dan Brown.
HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide
Chapter 11 from the 5th Edition of this O'Reilly title discusses frames in detail; including each of the tags and attributes used to build them.
The Frame Element
A reference document on frames as implemented in the HTML 3.2 spec.

Other Guides & Tutorials

Frames: An Introduction
An explanation of general frame syntax and implementation notes from Netscape.
Frames Tutor
A little tutorial on frames designed to help make your pages cleaner looking and easier to navigate. by Joe Barta.
Fun with Frames
Frames help from Builder.com, featuring ideas on design, floating frames and a discussion on script frame navigation.
Guide to Frame Usage
An excellent guide to frame planning and implementation including a section on common bugs and limitations. From the Web Design Group.
Sharky's Frames Tutorial
A step-by-step tutorial on how to program frames. By Charlton Rose.
Web Developer's Virtual Library: Frames
WDVL provides tutorials on using frames, relevant links and example code.
Why Frames Suck (Most of the Time)
Jakob Nielsen explores the pitfalls of using frames, and the technical and design mistakes that novice codes often fall into.


A free on-line tool which makes a frameset to your specifications. Form driven. View source for your frameset.

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