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Extreme HTML Optimization: Summary


Extreme HTML Optimization

HTML Optimization Tips:

*Can violate HTML4 - The HTML spec indicates that any value that is purely alphabetic or purely numeric does not require quotes; everything else does. Therefore, you can strip quotes from things like width="10" and but not width="10%" or href="/html/".
**Bad form
***IP Addresses - Using IP addresses instead of domain names may not work on some larger sites, with the introduction of host header names. Especially for sites that are maintained on a shared server by a hosting provider. It is common practice to share a single IP address among dozens of host names for small sites because it means the hosting provider can use fewer of its allotted block of IPs. Thanks to Seth Perlman for this tidbit.
****NO WWW- The cleanest way is just simply have an identical A record for the zone itself, like:

@   IN  SOA internet.com. hostmaster.internet.com. (
        2000042402  ; Serial
        1800        ; Refresh
        900         ; Retry
        604800      ; Expire every one week
        3600        ; Minimum TTL 1 hour
                IN  NS      ns1.internet.com.
                IN  NS      ns3.internet.com.
                IN  MX 10   boris.iworld.com.
                IN  MX 20   natasha.iworld.com.
                IN  A
www             IN  A
(thanks to Peter Hegedus for this)

Some of these tips are pretty extreme, and useful for higher traffic pages only. We go to great lengths to minimize the size of our home page to maximize speed. Note that a couple of these tips violate HTML 4, you can choose which ones you use on your pages, but it is best to stay within the spec. There may be more we haven't thought of, let us know.


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