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Content management includes ways to make page creation and updating easier, plus tools for keeping your site in good health. See also HTML Validation and Agents and Robots for link checkers, roamers, and spiders.

WebReference CMS Articles

3 Fun Conditional Tricks for Your WordPress Custom Fields
These three tricks for manipulating the keys and values of WordPress Custom Fields produce some very interesting results.
Getting Started with WordPress Custom Fields
The WordPress Custom Fields feature provides the flexibility to store and call custom image URLs, headers, and background wallpapers in your posts.
10 Tips to Secure Your WordPress Blog
Tips for securing your WordPress blog include hiding the version of WordPress you're using and using a secret key to protect your authentication information.
The 6 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress
Check out these six very useful social plugins for the WordPress platform.
Top 6 Related Posts Plugins for WordPress
These six WordPress plugins for implementing the related posts feature will keep your older posts fresh.
The 6 Best WordPress Plugins for Comments Management
WordPress now has a great collection of plugins that help you manage comments. These six are particularly useful.
Implementing Flexible Website Navigation with WordPress 3.0
WordPress 3.0 allows you to build a flexible navigation system easily using custom menus and just a few lines of code.
Setting Up the All-in-One SEO Pack for WordPress
Like every website, your WordPress blog has to be optimized for search engines. The All in One SEO Pack plugin is a one-stop shop for most of the SEO tweaks you need to make.
Top 10 SEO Tips for Your WordPress Blog
Use these 10 tips to make sure that your WordPress blog posts rank high in search engine results.
Create Any Type of Form You Like on Your WordPress Site
Meet Formidable, a WordPress plugin that makes it dead simple to create almost any kind of form.
Publish Web Content Efficiently with Magnolia CMS
Learn how to publish content to the Web quickly and efficiently with the open-source, Java-based Magnolia CMS.
Set Up the Magnolia CMS for Web Content Creation in Just a Few Clicks
Magnolia CMS, the open-source CMS written in Java, provides easy-to-use graphical tools and a large library of standard templates. Learn how to get Magnolia up and running.
Set Up an E-commerce Site Quickly with a WordPress Plug-in
With the WP e-Commerce plug-in for WordPress, you can have a functional e-Commerce Web site up and running in just a few hours.
Installing and Using Meeplace, the Business Review CMS
Meeplace is a business review script and content management system that you can install to turn your site into a professional review site like Yelp.
Installing the Elgg Social Networking CMS
One Open Source CMS that stands out above the rest for small businesses and personal networks is the Elgg open source "social engine," which can be used to create social applications. Scott Clark shows you how to install and get started with this social networking CMS.
HTML 5: Client-side Storage
Client-side storage is probably one of the most talked about features in HTML 5. It has received a lot of criticism because of its lack of security, but it is nonetheless an interesting innovation. Read on to learn more.
HTML 5: Offline Application Caching
All browsers have some kind of caching mechanism in place, but to be honest, they don't always work. Until HTML 4, the only work around was that the user had to save each page individually. HTML 5, thankfully, provides a smarter solution.
With some features already available in browsers, and more to come, Arpan presents an overview of HTML 5's new features.
Social Networking with Drupal
Ernest Lilley shares some news and tid-bits centered around Drupal, including upcoming conferences, tools and books he uses and the community sites he frequents.
Ern's Summer Grab Bag: ThemeWars, A New Joomla, and The Case of the Missing Title
Ern's summer grab bag covers random news on content management systems and tips on how to hide page titles in Drupal.
Theming Your CMS Without Tearing Your Hair Out
This month Ernest Lilley looks back at his adventures in learning to create themes/skins for websites in the hopes of saving others some pain, if not work.
Kicking the Tires on Your Next CMS
Confused about which Content Management System (CMS) is right for you? Ernest Lilley helps you break Content Management Systems into distinct groups, based on how much time, money, and effort you can put into the project.
CMS: A Look Back and The Way Ahead
Web content has gone through many different phases since the first html document went online in 1990. Learn how content management systems have evolved since their first appearance, what's hot now and where to find podcasts to get familiar with the lingo and get up to speed fast.
Content Management for Dynamic Web Delivery
Successful content management begins with successful information organization; or the Information Model. In our excerpt from chapter 4 of "Content Management for Dynamic Web Delivery," author JoAnn Hackos explains how to create an Information Model that is both effective and usable.
Content Management Systems
The case in favor of Content Management is argued in this excerpt from the glasshaus title, "Content Management Systems." Included are discussions defining what CMS is, why it is needed, and more importantly, why it can be so difficult to implement.
Creating RSS files for your Web site
RSS is a great way for any Web site to advertise their content in an always up-to-date fashion. Let WebRef's XML Expert lead you through using RSS with your site.
Fill the Need for Speed with Content Delivery Services
With Internet use growing as fast as it is, any slow-downs on your site can cost you customers. Is a Content Delivery Service the key to making your site faster and more reliable? Jon Zeeff of SolidSpeed Networks gives us an overview of CDS from an insider's perspective.
The Joy of Dreamweaver MX
Our excerpt from this Osborne/McGraw-Hill title covers Dreamweaver's ability to integrate with both other Macromedia software and third party offerings; including Fireworks MX, TopStyle Pro, and HomeSite+.
Web Editing Anywhere
Ken Boucher clues us in on some free new tools that allow you to edit and maintain your Web site from any browser in the world.
Weblog Unleashed
Weblog is a Web-based tool that allows you to manage multiple RSS channels. Weblog now features wireless support with WML and PALM feeds, plus a configurable installation script that automates the entire installation process, including Perl module installation. Get this script to easily run your own weblog.


A development system for creating interactive sites and dynamic Web applications.
Dreamweaver UltraDev (*)
A powerful web development tool. Does page and site design. Also allows you to create useful interactive, database-driven Web business applications without coding.
Nice application with an object oriented framework for managing a site with many authors.
A Web site development tool for Windows. Wizards help guide you in creating your pages and you can view and edit your site heirarchically. The WYSIWYG editor can edit your pages locally or remotely (with a Microsoft-enabled server). Checks external links. From Microsoft.
Industrial-strength design, production, and management features so you can create professional dynamic-database-driven Web sites. Tightly integrated with other Adobe products, GoLive software protects your code from modification and corruption while offering site layout and management functionality.
Service that helps site admins by regularly checking all the links on a web site and emailing a summary about the link failures. A detailed Web based report also provides statistics on problems with internal and external links.
A powerful tool that automates the process of checking for broken or dead links and also generates a comprehensive SiteMap for your website.
Net Mechanic
Searches Web sites for broken links, spots bad HTML tags, and rates server's response time. Up to a limit of 200 pages and 500 links.
NetObjects Fusion (*)
Offers web site development and application building software featuring HTML, DHTML and JavaBeans for authoring and creating site oriented Internet e-commerce, e-business and Intranet web sites.
Red Alert
Service which monitors your Internet servers and pages or emails you if they are malfunctioning or inaccessible. Can monitor secure Web servers.
Vignette V7
Features cookie support, page and page component caching, template-based page and application programming and much more with a dynamic, database-driven architecture.
WebSite Director
A full-featured content management system that is easy to install and use, meshes smoothly with existing procedures and e-commerce systems, and is cost-effective.


Content Management
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Site Management utilities
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