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Tables are used to arrange cells and data into columns and rows. Often, developers use tables as a page layout tool to position their information.

WebReference Articles

The Art of Cross-Browser Table Building
Having trouble getting your tables to resize themselves in the browser window? Dan Ball is here to make your day.
HTML 3.2 and Netscape 4.0: The Table Element
Andy King's own description of how to use Netscape 3.0 tables like HTML 3.2 tables. With the new HTML 3.2 draft, the two HTMLs are nearly identical.

Other Tutorials

From the Web Developer's Virtual Library.
DJ Quad's Table Tutorial
this tutorial will be broken into several sections - Table Basics & Standards, Table Tricks & Tips, Table Tutorial Quick Reference, <TABLE> Elements, <TR> Table Row Elements, and <TD> Table Cell Elements. Also has a specific section devoted to Explorer's Table tags.
How-to Create TABLEs
This tutorial will show you how to build a table step-by-step by using the example table on the page.
The HTML 4.0 Table Model
The latest working draft of the Table Model is available here (version Apr. 24, 1998 now available), by Dave Raggett.
HTML Tables Tutorial
A good introduction to HTML 3.0 tables by Urb Lejeune.
LaRoe's Table Tips
A view-source style tutorial with HTML comments in the page source that illustrates how the page is laid-out.
HTML Tips: Tables
Discusses how to effectively use the CELLPADDING, CELLSPACING and BORDER attributes to create a nice seamless layout using tables.
From the NCSA's Beginner's Guide to HTML. Cover table building as well as provides a nicely formated reference for table tags in general.
Table Tutor
This tutorial is one in a series of WebTutor tutorials. WebTutor is available for download as a self-extracting zip file. (1.35Mb) Additional download options here. Learn in the comfort and privacy of your own home. No salesman will visit.
Tables in Netscape 1.1
Netscape's version of tables, all tags listed here are in the latest HTML 3.0 table draft.

Tools and Guides

Type in your data and preferences, hit a button and a table is created for you to download. By Sam Choukri.
Tables Tag
This document describes tags used in tables and which versions of which browsers support them.
Converting to HTML Tables
Describes the process of converting your Excel spreadsheet into a table for the web.

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