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Don't get caught with uncompliant code, validate your pages and code now.

Tools & Services

A free service of CAST that will analyze single Web pages for their accessibility to people with disabilities. Bobby will also examine a page's HTML to see if it is compatible with various browsers or HTML specifications.
CSE 3310 HTML Validator
A powerful, easy to use, and user configurable HTML syntax checker available for Windows. Helps you to find and correct a plethora of possible problems in your HTML documents.
Doctor HTML
Nifty service that checks many aspects of your Web page automatically, including spelling, bad links, document/table/form structure, graphics analysis (outputs WIDTH, HEIGHT and color depth) and command syntax checking. Free single page validation.
Dr. Watson
A free service to validate your Web page on the Internet. You give it the URL of your page and Watson will get a copy of it directly from the Web server. Watson understands the latest HTML 3.2 standards, as well as Netscape and Microsoft extensions up through version 4. It can also verify that the links on your page work, as well as spell-checking your text. Version 4.0 now online.
HTML Tidy(*)
Multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Unix, AIX, Amiga and more) software from Dave Raggett and the W3C that both validates HTML and auto-corrects many common mistakes.
Server-side commercial perl program (all major platforms) that checks links and HTML as well as creates site maps. Free trial available.
Net Mechanic
Online services that check links, validate HTML, and evaluate server performance. Free trials and subscription versions available.
A Real Validator
Fast, off-line Windows-based SGML parser that checks HTML syntax against exact standards specifications. Free, time-limited demo available.
W3C Validation Service(*)
Free detailed online validation service checks HTML, XHTML and CSS documents for compliance with W3C standards.
WDG HTML Validator
Free online HTML validator, works in single page or batch mode. From the author of "A Real Validator" and the Web Design Group.
Web Page Purifier
Checks your HTML against six DTD's including Web TV 1.1.
Web Site Garage
Online service checks your HTML, spelling, links, and browser compatibility. Free for single pages, broader services available for fee.


Site filled with HTML validation and optimization tools and links.
HTML Validation Links
DMOZ.org's list of links.
HTML Validation/Checkers
Yahoo's list of links.

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