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Comparison of SGML and XML
This document provides a detailed comparison of SGML (ISO 8879) and XML.
An Introduction to SGML
A good introduction to the superset of HTML by Ben Marchal.
A Gentle Introduction to SGML
Chapter Two of TEI Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange (P3)
Guide to SGML
From the Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia. "These guidelines cover not only tags and their usage, but offer suggestions on the processing of electronic texts and related images."
SGML.com (*)
Information about SGML including SGMLu(niversity) and TAG, a newsletter devoted to teaching SGML.
SGML Open Consortium Homepage
This SGML Web Page represents an experimental attempt to make information about SGML resources accessible by means of a Web browser.
The SGML Primer
A quick reference guide to SGML from SoftQuad. Technical in nature but thorough.


For those who need SGML-based editing and publishing software. Running on UNIX and Windows, ArborText's ADEPT Series offers the broadest functionality along with virtually unlimited capacity for customization.
Expertise in providing SGML/XML frameworks to drive innovative solutions fueled by the XML technology wave.
SoftQuad Inc.
Leading vendor of SGML and HTML products and services, including HoTMetaL Pro and Panorama, an SGML browser.


OASIS is a non-profit, international consortium dedicated solely to product-independent document and data interchange. Founded in 1993 as SGML Open, OASIS has expanded to embrace the complete spectrum of structured information processing standards including XML, SGML and HTML.
SGML Forum of New York
A nonprofit corporation which promotes the effective use of SGML and related technologies (eg., XML, HTML, composition, databases, etc.) through education, the free exchange of information, and by contributing to the further development and expansion of the Standard.
International SGML Users' Group
Exists to promote the use of the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) and related standards such as DSSSL, HyTime, and XML.


SunSITE's Digital Library
From Yahoo.
SGML Information
SGML resouce links, including links to SGML software.
SGML Source
Resouces and information about different aspects of SGML.
SGML Web Page(*)
A large collection of SGML resources, by Robin Cover.

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