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Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

As so many recent languages are, SVG is an XML-based language that allows developers to describe the representation of graphical images to appear on a Web site in XML-like terms. Unlike binary images which can only be read by program code, SVG files include the actual instructions necessary for the creation of Web images that scale gracefully and can be integrated within XML or even XHTML files. Additionally, SVG files can be altered, if necessary, via standard text editors (though specialized tools admittedly make the job much easier).

WebReference Articles

SVG - Open for Business
WebRef XML expert Michael Classen gets graphic with this quick SVG intro.
SVG: The Art is in the Code
Learn the basics of SVG from frequent WebReference contributor Eddie Traversa. Both a language introduction and a discussion of basic shapes and syntax is included in this SVG primer.

Other Articles

Doing It With SVG
Interactive introduction to the SVG language from Ken Sall of The Web Developer's Virtual Library.
Chris Lilley on SVG
W3C graphics guru Chris Lilley answers some common questions as to the nature and advantages of SVG.
Sneak Peek at SVG
Steve Mulder takes an advance look at the SVG language specification. From WebMonkey.
Transforming XML into SVG
From Doug Tidwell of IBM's developerWorks.


The Adobe SVG Plug-In
Can't see what all the SVG hubbub is about? Maybe it's 'cause you haven't got the plug-in yet.
Batik SVG
The Batik Java toolkit provides for the viewing, manipulation, or generation of SVG images in Java environments.
beez::svg bezier animator
Vector-drawing editor/animator to create SVG animations. Based on Bezier cubic-interpolated shapes.
The Java Open Source SVG Toolkit contains an SVG viewer, an implementation of the SVG DOM (conforming to Document Object Model Level 2 ) and a utility for rendering an SVG document into various image formats. A pocket viewer especially for handheld devices is also available from CSIRO.
IONIC SVG Renderer
With this service, you can provide your own SVG samples to see how they are rendered.
Jasc WebDraw
Highlighting the advantages of SVG itself, this handy tool combines image design features and a source code editor for simple and total control of your SVG creations.
IBM's entry is a Java program that parses and displays SVG graphics on XML enabled Web browsers.


The Adobe SVG Zone
Great collection of tutorials, tool links, and resources from Graphics powerhouse, Adobe.
Introduction to SVG
From Sun Microsystem's Developer's Connection. Contains an SVG overview, along with examples and resource links.
SVG Frequently Asked Questions
Gleaned primarily from posts to the Yahoo! SVG Developer's Group.
The SVG-Spot
Collection of tutorials, links, news. and a tag reference.
W3C's SVG Section
Location of the official SVG specifications, as well as tons of information regarding SVG developments from around the Web.
W3C SVG Test Suite
The W3C's own official suite runs SVG viewers through a collection of conformance test and publishes the results.


SVG Resources
Extensive collection of resource links from the Web Developer's Virtual Library.
The Open Directory
The DMOZ collection of SVG links.

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