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Allows you to save worlds as SVR or VRML97. Features full HTML integration with a powerful Java interface to give developers two way communication between the 3D Web Page and a Java Applet or some JavaScript.
Aesthetic World Visions
An authoring tool that enables users to create dynamic 3D virtual worlds in minutes. These worlds can then be deployed in VRML 2.0 for use in Web pages, ad banners, product demos, and games.
Avilon World Studio
Integrated development environment for building 3D Virtual Worlds. You can drag Objects like spheres, text, furniture, into your Worlds. Set the characteristics of the Objects, such as movement, sound effects, and more.Win 95, 98, NT
Cosmo World
VRML authoring tool from Silicon Graphics. Available for Windows 95, NT and Irix.
Allows you to edit while you browse a VRML scene. Apart from object transformations such as moving, rotating and scale, it also supports textures and materials and WWW anchor. Shareware for Windows 95 and NT.
A professional Java, HTML and VRML IDE.
Virtual World Factory
Create a simple VRML home world using 3-D fonts that is automatically hosted by Aereal's server for free. Just fill out two forms to get a membership.
V-Realm Builder
Highly rated VRML authoring tool for Windows machines.


A full-featured, integrated development environment for the PC with a smooth, user-friendly interface. And with Atlas's 3DS import/export utility, you can build VRML 2.0 animations or generate 3DS models with rich texture.
PC-based 3-D Modeler, reportedly converts to VRML very smoothly. See also Autodesk's other 3D products.
Highly flexible and intuitive application for mapping your face and morphing bodies.
Character Creator
Makes your image into a VRML 2.0 Avatar for your Internet Persona.
Cinema 4D
A 3D modeling, animation and ray-tracing package. It supports multithreading and multiprocessing for up to 16 processors. Available for Windows 95/NT, Power Macintosh and DEC Alpha machines. Supports both VRML 1 and VRML 2 (animated VRML) import and export. hyperliks can be set in the editor.
Community Place Conductor
An application that allows you to create VRML/Java worlds in real-time using a simple drag and drop interface. From Sony Corp.
This authoring tool offers industrial-strength 3D modeling tools, true CAD solid modeling, nurbs surface creation, and Boolean operators in an easy to use interface.
3D Authoring tool that outputs VRML 2.0 and reads VRML objects created by most other programs.
Strata StudioPro
PowerMac-based 3-D modelling, rendering, and animation program. Can output Quicktime VR or VRML file formats. From Strata.
Trispectives (1.0 and Professional)
3-D drawing and design programs for Windows 95. From 3D/Eye.
Has a built-in modeler in addition to drag-and-drop capabilities. From Platinum technology.
Solution for authoring realtime 3D Web Pages and Virtual Reality applications on the PC. From Superscape.
Freeware program that allows creation of 3D (VRML) projects.

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