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blaxxun Contact 4.2
Offers a wide variety of community features, supports several 3D engines, and can work with all types of OCX controls.
CASUS Presenter
Provides a platform for doing animation in VRML. Supports JavaScripting and is free for noncommercial use.
VRML client for MS Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. It uses new software renderers, with higher image quality and speed and renderer supporting modern hardware accelerated Direct3D videocards.
From the maker's of WebOOGL, Geomview is currently a "Quasi-compliant" VRML viewer with some talk of making it more so.
A VRML helper app (scene viewer) now available for SGI machines. From the CRS4.
Pueblo (Windows)
A MUD viewer that can also view VRML. From Chaco Communications.
Windows VRML browser, plug-in, and builder are available at Integrated Data Systems, Inc.
A "quasi-compliant" VRML browser. The browser is built on top of the Center's 3D viewer Geomview. From The Geometry Center.

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