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Beginning XHTML

Beginning XHTML

Beginning XHTML Book Cover
Beginning XHTML
By Frank Boumphrey
Cassandra Greer
Dave Raggett
Jenny Raggett
Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer
Ted Wugofski
Wrox Press Ltd. $39.99
ISBN: 1861003439
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XHTML (eXtensible HyperText Markup Language) 1.0 superseded HTML 4.01 in January 2000 as the next generation W3C standard for marking up Web pages. XHTML offers the functionality and widespread acceptance of HTML with the extensibility and the new audience that XML offers. No longer will multiple versions of the same page be needed for varying user agents – one XHTML page will suffice.

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This book is for anyone wanting to mark up web pages and use scripting to enhance the quality of their pages. It will be useful for those who wish to enter the world of web development with an advantage over existing developers, for those who are already developing pages and wish to stay current with the latest technological changes, and for those who want to access new markets and reduce their workload. No previous knowledge is assumed.

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