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Professional XML Databases

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Professional XML Databases
By Wrox Team
Wrox Press Ltd. $49.99
ISBN: 1861003587
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In this book, we look at how to integrate XML into your current relational data source strategies. With the increasing amount of data stored in relational databases, and the importance of XML as a format for marking up data - whether it be for storage, display, interchange, or processing - you need to have command of four key skills: understanding how to structure, process, access, and store your data.

By introducing guidelines for how to model your XML documents in relational databases and how to model relational database information as XML, we will establish structures that enable quick and efficient access, and make our data more flexible. We then look at the developer's XML toolbox, discussing associated technologies and strategies that will help us in describing, processing, and manipulating data. We also discuss common techniques for data access, data warehousing, transmission, and marshalling and presentation, giving working examples in ever chapter.

Whether you are using XML for storage, as an interchange format, or for display, this book looks at the key issues, you should be aware of when structuring, processing, accessing, and storing your documents.

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While this book will discuss some conceptual issues, its focus is on development and implementation. This book is for programmers and analysts who are already familiar with both XML and relational databases.

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Created: February 2, 2001
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