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The Evolution of RSS | 7

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The Evolution of RSS

RSS 0.91+ vs. RSS 1.0

Unfortunately, RSS has split into two paths:

One problem with different paths is incompatibility. Core RSS 1.0 is not backwardly compatible with the DTD-based 0.91 (although it is through a 0.91 namespace module). However, it is compatible with version 0.9 as it is based upon RDF and namepaces on which 0.9 was based. Developers can therefore update their RSS 0.91 feeds to 1.0 since most applications understand both 0.91 and 0.9. RSS 0.92+ is forwardly compatible with 0.91; all 0.91 files are valid 0.92 files. 0.92 is not backwardly compatible with 0.9. Got all that?

To give you a better idea of the current state of RSS we've included a compatibility chart and a feature list of the various versions of RSS. Here's a compatibility chart from Aaron Swartz:

RSS Version
RSS Processor 0.9 0.91 0.92 1.0
0.9 All None None All
0.91 None All Some None
0.92 None All All None
1.0 None None None All

Read <value> <top> files are compatible with <left> processors. So all 1.0 files are compatible with 0.9 processors, some 0.92 files are compatible with 0.91 processors, etc.

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Created: May 03, 2001
Revised: May 10, 2001