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XML is about creating, sharing and processing information instead of displaying it. Be sure to check Exploring XML's links section for more information.

WebReference Articles

Exploring XML (*)
One of WebRef's newest writers, Michael Claßen explores the exploding world of XML in his bi-weekly column. XML tutorials, how-tos, news and reviews are all featured.
Building Dynamic Pages with XML, XSL and JSP
Bob Rudis show us how to get started serving up dynamic Web pages by using XML, XSL, and JSP.
XML: It's Not Your Father's HTML
HTML is about the display of content, XML is about creating, sharing and processing information. XML gives you a way to define tags that are specific to a particular purpose and describe information consistently. This consistency means XML can be processed automatically, in a wide variety of situations. By Bruce Sharpe.
XML: Old Whines in New Battles
In the rush to learn, implement, and profit from XML, many of the questions being asked are the same ones which came up when HTML was new. Can we learn from the lessons of HTML and make the Web a more productive and reliable resource for providers and users alike? You decide. By Peter Flynn.

Other Tutorials

A Look at XML
A good overview of XML - what it is, how it works, and where to find more information.
XML School
Very concise introduction to key topics, excellent reference site.
Nice collection of to-the-point articles on XML.
The Java/XML Tutorial
Good tutorial from Sun, also available for download for off-line use.
XML Tutorial by Microsoft.
Good hands-on introduction focused on Internet Explorer.
XSL Developers Guide
XSL is a stylesheet language designed to transform and format XML documents . This Microsoft Developer's Network site offers a variety of tutorials, ranging from basic introductions to advanced debugging and transformations.

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