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Wireless Markup Language (WML) is an XML-defined markup language for creating and serving up wireless-friendly information and applications for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) enabled devices and browsers.

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WebReference Articles

Introducing WML and WMLScript
From our Doc JavaScript columns. Includes a discussion of the Nokia WAP Toolkit. Continued in column 62, WMLScript Primer, and column 63, WMLScript Standard Libraries.
Transforming RSS into HTML and WAP I
From our XML expert, Michael Classen. See also Part II of this mini-series.
WAP: The Web for Cellphones and PDAs
Introduction and examples for WAP and WML.
WebReference WAP/WML Feeds
For those of you with WAP devices, our own WebRef headlines are available in a WAP/WML compatible format.

Other Tutorials and References

WAP Forum
First stop for WAP/WML developers. The Wireless Application Protocol Forum provides resource information for developing standards in wireless data communication. Home of the many WML and WAP specifications.
The Wireless FAQ
Large, well-organized FAQ covering all aspects of using, implementing and serving WAP/WML. Formerly known as "The Independent WAP/WML FAQ" and based on information from the WML and WMLScript programmers group.
Building WAP Services
Tutorial on using XML/XSL and ASP to generate WML decks for WAP applications.
Introduction to WML
From the Wireless Developer's Network. Comprehensive introduction to the syntax and abilities of WML. Also featured is an introduction to client side logic using WMLScript.
WML Tag Reference
Also from the Wireless Developer's Network. A WMLScript Language Reference is also available.
WML Tag Reference
This one's from W3Schools.com.
WAP-UK's WML Tutorial
An introductory tutorial with sample code, screen shots and detailed explanation. Site also features WAP/WML developer's links and toolkits.
WML Programming Group
Discussion forum and mailing list for WML and WMLScript programmers.


Dynamic HTML Conversion to WML
Froum Sourceforge. C++ library/API.
Intava Gravity
Development platform with multi-device simulator for WAP, PocketPC, and Palm OS platforms.
The Klondike line offers WAP Browsers for Windows and the WAP Microbrowser Engine for OEMs.
Nokia Mobile Browser
Dual mode (XHTML/WAP1.x) browser in source code form for OEMs.
Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit
PC-based WML testing and simulation platform.
Nokia Plug-ins
More from Nokia. WML sim plug-ins for both Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Dreamweaver (registration required).
TRANSWAP is an Web-based application that translates existing an Web page into a WAP compatible-page.
WAP browser for Windows platforms, including PocketPC. ActiveX SDK also available.


Wireless Internet Resources Channel
internet.com's Wireless Internet channel contains multiple sites focused on the harware and software of the wireless Internet, including allNetDevices, PDA Street, and ThinkMobile.com.
The Wireless Developer Network: WAP
Multiple WAP and WML related tutorials can be found here in addition to the aforementioned WML Tag and WMLScript Language References.
WAP/WML Tutorials
Large collection of tutorials, references, book reviews, etc. from W3Schools.com.
Nokia focused developer forum. Includes a WML Discussion forum.
Open Directory
The Computers: Mobile Computing: Wireless Data: WAP category from the Open Directory.
The Wireless FAQ: Links
Links from the FAQ.
A search engine and directory designed to search and index content suitable for hand held devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and other devices with limited display capabilities.

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