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The Animated GIF Artists Guild
The Animated Gif Artists Guild (AGAG) was originated in the late summer of 1996 for the purpose of unity among artists as well as archivers of GIF89a files. The objectives of the guild's existence are to help set standards, centralized information about GIF89a and to have fun.
Association of Internet Professionals
AIP exists to support, unify and represent the global community of Internet professionals, providing the benefits and programs that allow both its individual and corporate members to better succeed in today's Internet/Intranet/Extranet marketplace. The organization also serves as the voice of Internet professionals and industry corporations before the public, press, and within the online community on issues shaping the future of the Internet.
Australasian Web Publishers' Association
AWPA is a professional association for Australasian-based World Wide Web practitioners Their site features a searchable Member Database, Web Tools, Tutorials, Resources, Tips, and utilities.
Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFF is a non-profit, non-partisan organization working in the public interest to protect fundamental civil liberties, including privacy and freedom of expression, in the arena of computers and the Internet.
The Graphic Artists Guild
The Guild is a union (affiliated with the UAW) that embraces creators of graphic art at all levels of skill and expertise who create works of graphic art intended for presentation as originals or reproductions. It is committed to improving conditions for all creators of graphic art and raising standards for the entire industry.
The HTML Writers Guild
A non-profit educational corporation with the goal of helping their members improve their skills in the craft of web design through cooperation and sharing of experience, as well as compile and publicize information about the standards, practices, techniques, competency, and ethics of Web authoring. The HWG participates actively in shaping the future of the web, and is a member organization of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
The International Guild of Gay Webmasters
A guild meant to address the needs of GLBT Webmasters. However, membership is non-discriminating.
Internet Professional Publishers Association
A professional association of commercial Web design agencies working to build a new marketing medium for businesses through the Internet.
International Webmasters Association
The world's first professional organization for Webmasters. Its mission is to provide education and foster professional advancement opportunities among individuals who are dedicated to or are pursuing a Web career, and to work diligently to enhance their effectiveness, image, and professionalism as they attract and serve their clients and employers.
International Webcasting Association
Formed as a full service association in April '99 by 10 leading webcasting companies, IWA is devoted to promoting the art, science and business of webcasting over the Internet.
Internet Professionals Northwest
IPN is an organization dedicated to promoting the interests of professionals engaged in providing internet services, products and technologies of all kinds. Serves individuals and companies with information, networking, and other benefits.
A non-profit site dedicated to linking charitable organizations with technically skilled mentors, especially those who can help develop functional Web sites.
Web Standards Project
The Web Standards Project is a coalition of web developers and users whose mission is to stop the fragmentation of the web, by persuading browser makers that standards are in everyone's best interest.
World Organization of Webmasters
Created to stimulate the continued growth of the Web by providing a forum for the raising of new ideas and an effective mechanism for dialog on these issues, WOW provides "community, education & certification" for Webmasters across the world.

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