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Style comes in many forms. Here you will find information on the writing style of the Web. For information on style sheets, please visit our Cascading Style Sheets section; and for HTML specific style guides take a look at our HTML Style Guideline links. See also our writing section.

WebReference Articles

HotWired Style: A Summary
HotWired Style codifies the ideas that worked at, and it's a must read. User-centered design, speed with style, clarity and simplicity (banish drop shadows and bevels), thinking above the fold, all these guidelines can help any site you design.

Other Guides

alt.usage.english Style FAQ (*)
Written by the a.u.e USENET group and edited by Mark Israel, this FAQ covers common english usage questions, word etymology, additional on- and off-line references and more.
Citation Style Guides for Internet and Electronic Sources
Guidelines and suggestions on how to properly cite electronic information sources in footnotes and bibliographies.
The Curmudgeon's Stylebook
Written by Bill Walsh, copy editor at the Washington Post, this stylebook supplements, reinforces and in places supplants the AP editors stylebook.
Guide to Grammar and Style
Miscellany of grammatical rules and explanations, comments on style, and suggestions on usage put together for the author's writing classes. Frequently updated and non-dogmatic. By Jack Lynch.
Covers some of the most common writing mistakes, including common spelling, grammar and homonym errors.
Wired Style (*)
Wired Magazine's "Principles of English Usage in the Digital Age". The on-line guide references both the v1.0 and upcoming v2.0 hardcover versions of the style guide, as well as frequently updated tips on current acronyms, jargon and Net-slang. Useful, and occasionally funny (when are the appropriate occasions to attach the "techno-" prefix onto a root word, anyway?)

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