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Learning HTML isn't that hard, but if you want to be an expert you have to watch your style. Having good style now can help you avoid headaches later over tiny coding mistakes.

HTML Style Guidelines

HTML with Style
The HTML with Style Tutorials will teach you HTML and CSS, from scratch, the Right Way. New column every month. By Stephanos Piperoglou.
Introduction to HTML
An excellent and thorough introduction to HTML by Ian Graham a PhD at the University of Toronto and author of the HTML Sourcebook.
HTML 3.2 and Netscape 4.0
WebReference's own guidelines on which Netscape extensions to use, and which NOT to use - ABK
WDVL's Style Guide
Alan Richmond explains the rules of HTML style that he uses when writing for his site, the Web Developer's Virtual Library.
Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual
A good style manual and a point.com winner. Describes the design principles used to create the pages within the Center for Advanced Instructional Media's (C/AIM) World Wide Web site, by Patrick Lynch.
A Basic HTML Style Guide
Covers the basics, and uses a similar navigation button system to my own and the Yale guide. By Alan Richmond
Composing good HTML
A well-structured do's and dont's of HTML by Eric Tilton. Includes good practices, common errors, things to avoid, and obsolete HTML elements.
Hints for Web Authors
A practical guide to authoring web documents. The author stresses functionality in writing html over graphic design.
HTML Style Guide
This page is provided as a reference for those wishing to create new web pages, modify existing pages, or just brush up on HTML style. From St. Edward's University.
Style Guide for Online Hypertext
By Tim Berners-Lee, father of the Web
Bad Style Page
Covers what not to do with HTML. By Tony Sanders.
Web Pages That Suck
Vincent Flanders teaches good Web design by looking at bad Web design.
Systems Magic HTML Style Guides
A perfectly good guide to HTML style, but does not include the use of CSS.
HTML Resources: Style
The HTML Writers' Guild Collection of Style Guides
Zack's Style Guide
An HTML style guide by this guy named Zack. Address the usual cross-platform issues, bandwidth conservation, and WYSIWYG's.
Style guide for online hypertext
The Web Design Group's style guide, including how to organize content.
Essays on HTML and the Web
There is more to HTML than just the Web. Read the thoughts and criticsms of people intimate with the Internet.
100 do's and don'ts in Web design
Contains suggestions to improve the look and feel of a website and tips to make your HTML browser independent.

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