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WebReference.com - Excerpts from Cascading Style Sheets A Beginner's Guide, from Osborne/McGraw-Hill

Cascading Style Sheets
A Beginner's Guide

Cascading Style Sheets A Beginner's Guide Book Cover
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Authors: James Pence
ISBN: 007219295X
Price: $29.99 US
Pages: 456
Pub: Osborne/McGraw-Hill

Book Overview (from the publisher)

Easily incorporate Cascading Style Sheets into your Web designs, using them to control Web page elements such as fonts, colors, and spacing. Cascading Style Sheets: A Beginners Guide uses real-world examples to illustrate the essential principles of the CSS syntax, and how they structure and present Web content. Learn to create inline, embedded, and external style sheets; use properties and values to influence Web page appearance; and explore CSS design models so that you can develop Web sites and page layouts with style sheets.

Technology trainer and Web site designer James Pence clearly presents the Cascading Style Sheet essentials for programmers and Web designers, including structuring content for cross-browser presentation, building designs using selectors and declarations, and XML integration.

Book Style and Organization

Modules--Each concept is divided into logical modules (chapters), ideal for individualized learning.

Goals--Each module opens with the specific skills you'll have by the end of the module.

Ask the Experts--Q&A sections throughout are filled with extra information and interesting commentary.

1-Minute Drills--Quick self-assessment sections to check your progress.

Annotated Syntax--Example code annotated with commentary that points to the particular technique illustrated.

Projects--Exercises contained in each module show how to apply what you are learning.

Mastery Checks--End-of-module reviews that test your knowledge using short-answer, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and simple coding questions.

Book excerpts

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