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CSS Layout Resources and Information

Layout with CSS can now be substituted for tables in today's standards-aware browser environment. Many people have worked towards this goal, here is some of their work.

Advanced CSS Layouts
Learn how to create complex table-like layouts with CSS. In this article, Rogelio Vizcaino Lizaola and Andrew King show how they replicated WebReference.com's front page using only CSS and lots of iterations.
CSS Floats 2
Our own Stephanos Piperoglou has a series of tutorials on CSS and layouts.
Evolution of a Home Page
Andy King and Kwon Ekstrom show in March 2001 that CSS is not just for text anymore.

Other Resources

A List Apart
Regular table-free wisdom from JZ.
Cascading Style Sheets
Tutorials and information from the W3C.
CSS Validator
From the W3C.
CSS Work
From Eric Meyer, of O'Reilly's CSS Definitive Reference fame.
Glish: CSS Layout Techniques
Elvis Costello's compendium of CSS 2-3 etc. column layout techniques.
The Layout Reservoir (BlueRobot)
By Rob Chandanais.
Practical CSS Layout Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
A List Apart's real-world CSS tips including table-like forms, and left/right-aligned nav bars.
Style Sheet Reference
WebReview.com's Style Sheet Reference Guide, by Eric Meyer.
The Web Standards Project
Zeldman and co's holy jihad again non-compliance.