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The 6 Best WordPress Plugins for Comments Management | 2


The 6 Best WordPress Plugins for Comments Management [con't]

4. WP AJAX Edit Comments

As the name suggests, this is a plugin written in AJAX that allows comments on your blog to be edited. It allows users to edit their own comments, or admins to edit others' comments. I found it very useful. Everyone at some point has made a comment on a blog and then realized that there was a typo in the text. There's little one can do about the typo afterward. However, with the WP AJAX Edit Comments plugin you can go back and edit your own comment to correct mistakes. The catch is that you have a 15-second period after saving the comment when you can edit it. After that it's saved, and only an admin can touch it.

5. Get Recent Comments

This plugin shows excerpts of the latest comments and trackbacks in a widget in your sidebar. You can control their appearance from the control panel. You can choose settings from the number of comments to the length of the excerpts right down to the layout. You can let the plugin order the comments by the corresponding post, or simply order them by date. It also allows you to filter comments by categories. It's great to be able to have such fine-grain control over what is displayed.

6. CommentLuv

The CommentLuv plugin has had a huge impact on the way readers comment. In the two or so years since its initial release, it has gained a very big following. The way it works is that as the reader keys in his/her comment the plugin visits his/her blog or website and picks up a snippet of information that it pastes below his/her comment on your blog. This way, the reader's blog is also promoted every time he/she leaves a comment on your blog.

This concept has for some reason worked quite well and has thereby created an added incentive for people to leave comments on various websites. The plugin also has a website where you can check the CommentLuv statistics of your blog(s). It supports nearly every blogging platform and has become immensely popular with users of these platforms.


I hope you find these plugins as useful as I have for dealing with comments on WordPress. Explore the WordPress plugin architecture and its large collection of plugins for help with other things that WordPress cannot do natively.

Original: August 30, 2010