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Top 6 Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

By Sukrit Dhandhania


If you have a website with a lot of content, over time visitors might read your new posts but ignore -- or just be oblivious of -- your older content. A good way to solve this problem is to cross-promote your posts. Every time you post an article on your website you can throw in a few links to related posts.

If you are using WordPress for your website you have several plugins at your disposal that help you implement this feature. In this article I highlight six of the best WordPress plugins for implementing the related content feature. Some plugins will find and list related posts automatically, while others will require some manual intervention by the user.

1. Similar Posts WordPress Plugin

This plugin is based on another popular plugin called Related Posts. It was rewritten with some added features, making it quite useful for people who want some control over which data is used to generate the list of related posts. Similar Posts allows you to exclude certain pages and categories and customize the list of related posts right from the WordPress administration panel.

2. Wasabi Related Entries WordPress Plugin

Wasabi Related Entries is a very flexible plugin. However, it is challenging to use if you are not a coder or at least comfortable with editing code, because any changes must be made to the function itself. The Wasabi Related Entries plugin works by looking for different posts with matching keywords. Therefore, it is imperative that you assign keywords to your posts, and assign them carefully.