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This is where you'll find original content about the Web and webmastering issues. You'll find feature-length articles on a variety of subjects ranging from a day in the life of a webmaster to the effect of AT&T's Worldnet on AOL. The How-to section has short, concise tutorials and discussions on the latest techniques that you can use to spice up your web site.

Note: Bold titles are internal articles, non-bold are external to this site. We welcome article submissions about web-related issues. Here are our writer's guidelines.


Feature Articles

Optimizing Web Graphics
A detailed tutorial on reducing Web graphics to their minimum file size. Includes the non-dithering 216-color Netscape palette, and tips & techniques for creating small, non-dithering graphics. By Andrew King. 6-17-96 (update)

Framing the Web
A tutorial on Frames, first introduced in Netscape 2.0. Explains how to create frames that adjust automatically to window size, frame interaction including "magic" targets, all using text and working examples. By Dan Brown. 5-14-96

Programming with HTML Forms
Describes the three stages in the design and implementation of a HTML forms-based application. This tutorial shows the HTML syntax you need in a form, and uses C to demonstrate echo and search scripts. By Andrew Davison. 5-7-96

Browser-optimized Content Delivery
Demonstrates different methods of creating browser-specific content. The lowest common denominator, Netscape or else, common HTML 3.0, multiple page, and automatic content negotiation methods are discussed. By Andrew King. 4-11-96

GIF Animation
A short tutorial on creating an animated GIF89a. By Andrew King 3-28-96

News Tickers
Explains how to put scolling text in or below your pages using Explorer's Marquee tag or Netscape's Javascript. By Andrew King 3-21-96

Similar Efforts

The Web Multimedia Tour
A show-and-tell guide to multimedia on the Web and Internet, using many of the technologies themselves (e.g. - audio, video, VRML, animation). By John Faherty.
Project Cool's Future Focus
Project Cool's Developer's Zone
Programming with HTML Forms
An introduction to forms and the CGI scripts necessary to process them. Includes three working examples in C. By Andrew Davison. 5-7-96

Of AT&T, AOL and ISPs: Whither On-Ramp Intermediaries?
What will happen to the major on-line providers in the wake of AT&T's WorldNet and other cheap ISPs? Based on the ongoing HERMES research project, Prof. Sunil Gupta outlines the ISP skills necessary to survive in this new highly competitive environment. 4-18-96

A Day in the Life of a Webmeister
An irreverent yet insightful look at the life of the webmaster. We really aren't like other people. Submitted by Howard Kane, webmaster. 4-15-96

Matters of Development...
An opinion piece about the proliferation of web developers and the compelling need for high quality content. Originally published in THE Mesh a regional magazine about cyberspace. Submitted by John December, author of numerous Web and Internet books including the Unleashed series.

HTML 3.0 and Netscape 3.0
Guidelines on which Netscape extensions to use to comply with the HTML 3.0 draft. Now expanded and improved to reflect Netscape 3.0 and the new (Jan 23, 1996) table draft.

What Makes a Great Web Site?
The essential traits of great web sites. Timely original content, interactivity, good organization, and easy navigation are some characteristics of great web sites.

Netscape 2.0 - A summary
A summary of the new features of Netscape 2.0. Highlights include progressive JPEG, integrated e-mail and news, more HTML 3.0 support (DIV, SUP/SUB), client-side ISMAPS, frames, Java, and a scripting language.

Repetitive Strain Injury - The Hidden Cost of Computing
How to prevent and cure it. The author got a case, saw an expert, and shares with you what he learned.

Netshark 1.1.3 Mac
A short review of this improved browser/e-mail client from Intercon. It supports tables, forms, JPEGs, background images, centering, but has no paragraph or header alignment support and is about 5-10% slower than Netscape for complex page display.

Fireworks on the Web: 24 Hours in Cyberspace
What happens when you mix computers with 11,000 MB of RAM and 300 GB of disk storage with thousands of talented people? A massive explosion of creativity. Read about how you can win a $100,000 Webmaster's Package in this February 8 event, which will be digitally "simulcast" to AOL users.

A Tale of Two Modems
The ZyXEL U-1496e vs. the Supra V32.bis.

Web Development
This compound article summarizes the complete life cycle of web development: planning, analysis, design, implementation, and promotion. Key practices and online resources are given for each process. By John December.

The Balkanization of the Web
A counterpoint to my Netscape HTML 3.0 guidelines article. This in-depth essay predicts the future of HTML and shows how the Web has broken into three distinct markets: information, exchange, and entertainment. Says that we can't wait for HTML standards committees, browsers are moving too fast. Proposes HTML 3.0 Lite for the Information market, which includes many typographic and layout features.
Submitted by David Siegel. HTML. 1996.

The Vision of an Accomplished Webmaster
An interview with Elizabeth Osder, the New York Times' new content development editor, and webmaster of many award winning sites. She shares the steps and techniques she uses to create great sites. From the December, 1995 issue of Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine.

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