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AdManager 4.0, from Accipiter

[Editor's note: this article was written by Charlie Morris in August of 1998. As such, we cannot insure that information enclosed is up to date as of the time you are reading it. Please contact the vendors discussed for updated information on their individual offerings.]

Accipiter's AdManager can generate a variety of predefined or custom reports. Reports can be exported to several formats, including templates used by industry powerhouses like Modem Media and Anderson & Lemke. Automated e-mail reports are among the new features in AdManager 4.0.

Screen Shot from Accipiter's AdManager (38K)

AdManager includes sophisticated targeting features comparable to the other two biggies, but the registration-based targeting action happens in the companion product, Engage. Engage incorporates not only registration information, but also behavioral information (what pages a visitor saw, and for how long, etc.) into a local database for use in targeting. There is also a database called Engage Knowledge, to which any site using Engage may choose to contribute user registration data. If you subscribe to Engage Knowledge, you can target ads based on around 100 categories, arranged in 4 levels. Thus, even if a visitor has not registered with your site, he may have previously registered with some other site, and spilled some demographic info that you can use to target ads. A nifty idea, but obviously its usefulness depends on how many sites use Engage Knowledge, how many people choose to divulge their demographic goodies, and how pertinent said goodies are to your subject matter.

Sample Report from Accipiter's AdManager (72K)

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