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Creating Dynamic Web Sites

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Creating Dynamic Web Sites

"A Webmaster's Guide to Interactive Media"

Scott Fisher, Addison-Wesley Developer's Press, 1996. $24.95
ISBN 0-201-44207-8, 352 pages
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[Note: Originally published in 1996, it appears as though the support site for this book is no longer available. We have therefore removed the live links to it - Ed.]

The art of balancing dynamic interactivity with speed is an elusive one. Fisher walks this tightrope well by first considering the human side of the equation. An emphasis on interactivity, sensible design, and user psychology makes this book a useful addition to any webmaster's bookshelf.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Interacting with Graphics
Graphics and text are the basic building blocks of web pages. What makes a good graphic, or design, or photograph? From designing and reducing effective graphics, through page design and layout, to digital photography and scanning, this chapter guides designers with an expert hand. Don't miss the "moments of truth" section.
Chapter 4: Interacting with Animation
To make your pages really stand out, they've got to do more than just sit there. Animation is a great way to jazz up your pages, in this chapter learn how to use three technologies for creating animation: animated GIFs, Java, and Shockwave. Scott also shows some strategies for maximizing the impact of your animation, while minizing load time.

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