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Extraordinary Extranets

Crossware describes "on-demand" programs that run across networks and operating systems, and are easily extended to partners and customers. Crossware is built to automate the information flow and extend the corporate intranet to the external entities with whom a company does business --- customers, prospective customers, suppliers, distributors, resellers, dealers, outsourcers, contractors, and consultants.

These types of programs are in contrast to traditional programs that are tied to particular operating systems, and cannot be scaled or extended through an organization's firewall.

Crossware applications offer the following advantages:

Seamless program interoperability
The major PC operating systems can access all Crossware applications, and the major server operating systems and platforms can host Crossware applications as well, without changing a single line of program code. In addition, Crossware applications can easily access legacy system data and applications.
Central deployment and management
Using the Three-tier client-server model, Crossware can be deployed and updated as needed for thousands of users instantly.
Complete scalability
Crossware is deployed as modular components that can be partitioned and replicated across any number of servers and extended to virtually an unlimited number of users.
On-demand access
With interactive and dynamic interfaces written in HTML, JavaScript and Java, Crossware can be accessed on demand.
Protected network environments
Security features can be deployed on a global basis across all internetworked resources, allowing the network to be used for a broad range of uses, including those that are highly sensitive and private.

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