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Practical JavaScript Programming

Practical JavaScript Programming

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By:Reaz Hoque
Release Date:1st Edition December 1996
Length:450 pages
Retail price:$29.95 Includes CD-ROM
User Level:Accomplished to Expert
Covers:JavaScript 1.1, LiveWire and LiveConnect
How To Buy: Call 1-800-488-5233

An application-based JavaScript book that skips the history, VBScript, Java, and ActiveX, and focuses on one thing, how to write JavaScript. If you want to learn client and server side JavaScript, LiveWire and LiveConnect (combining Java, JavaScript and plug-ins) this is the book for you. The CD-ROM will include 150 code samples for you to cut and paste in your existing HTML documents.

Sample Chapters

The following chapters are adapted from the upcoming book. Please note that the final chapters in the book will be similar but not identical to the ones previewed here.

Chapter 2 - JavaScript Event Handlers
This chapter explains the event handlers of JavaScript. Try out the examples to understand how event handler works.

Chapter 5 - JavaScript Simple Scripts
Shows how to create some cut and pasteable code that you can put into your Web pages. Date and time, on-demand sound, detecting browsers, etc. are covered in this chapter.

Chapter 7 - Cost Estimator
A JavaScript form that allows the user to build their own custom computer. First the user chooses from different types of CPUs, monitors, RAM etc. and after the user creates his or her custom computer, the program will generate a price. Coming soon!

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