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Publicity on the Internet - About the Author

About the Author

STEVE O'KEEFE is the founder and owner of Internet Publicity Services, a firm that specializes in promoting books and authors online. His clients include HarperCollins, Random House, Putnam Berkley, John Wiley & Sons, and many small publishers and self publishers.

Steve has been promoting books on the Internet since 1991. He built one of the first publisher catalogs on the net in 1992. Steve has also served as a consultant to many non-publishing clients, including Viacom Communications, Proctor Silex - Hamilton Beach, several online bookstores and a two advertising agencies.

Steve writes the syndicated column "Online Marketing" and his work has been anthologized in the book, Publicity Basics, by the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses. His writings have also appeared in Internet World, The Wall Street Journal, Harper's, Curio, Small Press, HotWired, Factsheet Five, and dozens of trade newsletters, zines, and electronic publications.

You can contact Steve directly at his e-mail address:

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