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Search Engines

V. References and Recommended Reading

A fairly extensive list of search engines and related services appears on Netscape's Net Search Page but you should also look at Web Crawler and the many others that exist. Remember, a new, better engine could come on-line at any moment, and the underdogs need your support.

For an overly-techy article on search engines, try the IW labs review of engines, Internet World May 1996.

Keep software agents off your site by reading and using A Standard for Robot Exclusion.

The author gratefully acknowledges technical assistance from the very expert Opus One, the most knowledgeable and enjoyable people you will ever meet in this or any other business. This outfit is an excellent reference for anything having to do with computers or the Internet.

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Dr. Bruce Grossan, when he is not out climbing, hunts supernovae and gamma-ray burst counterparts at the University of California at Berkeley's Space Sciences Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Lately he has also been exploring consulting on educational and business web projects, and writing The Great American Novel.

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