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GIF Animation Studio

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GIF Animation Studio

Animating Your Web Site

By Richard Koman
1st Edition mid-October 1996
184 pages, $39.95, Includes CD-ROM
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This book details the major GIF animation programs, profiles work by leading designers (including John Hersey, Razorfish, Henrik Drescher, and Erik Josowitz), and documents advanced animation techniques. A CD-ROM includes freeware and shareware animation software, demo versions of commercial software, and the actual animation files described in the book. GIF Animation Studio is the first release in the new Web Review Studio series.

Sample Chapters

Disposal Methods
A detailed explanation of the various disposal methods for GIF animation frames.
Animated Textures
Learn how to create a 3D rolling button bar and more.
Animated Walls
This chapter profiles the work of Erik Josowitz at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, NM. He used GIF animation to create an animation wall that preview an exhibit with fast-paced, constantly changing imagery.
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Other GIF Animation Resources

3D Animation Workshop
A biweekly tutorial on creating 3D Animated graphics. By Robert Polevoi.
Animated GIF resources
Optimizing Animated GIFs
Learn how to create the smallest possible animated GIFs in this comprehensive tutorial.

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