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[Creating An Animation Wall]

by Richard Koman
Songline Studios
Editor, Web Review Studio series

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When museums create online versions of their real-world exhibits, the results are often disappointing. They put up a few photos of some pieces from their permanent collections and page after page of information on how to buy a museum T-shirt or donate money. The Museum of International Folk Art is clearly different. RECYCLED, RE-SEEN: Folk Art from the Global Scrap Heap is one of the best online exhibits from any museum.

Recycled, Re-Seen
online exhibit

Try the interactive game Consider the Source.

mBED is a new format for presenting interactivity.

The exhibit, designed by Zoom Interactive Design, boasts a GIF animation "wall" that works like a fast-moving montage of the recycled art in the exhibit. Zoom hired independent designer Erik Josowitz to create the animation wall. Erik also built an interactive game called Consider the Source, using mBED, a new format for presenting interactivity, animation and sound on the Web.

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