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Web Site Administrator's Survival Guide

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Web Site Administrator's Survival Guide

A hands-on webmastering book. Shows how to set up, administer, care for, and feed your own Web server. Everything from choosing and installing a server (Unix [CERN/NCSA], NT, Mac) to configuration, administration, and troubleshooting including tools and advice that you can use to determine when to upgrade.
Jerry Ablan, Scott Yanoff et al. (13 total authors). Sams.Net, 1996. $49.99. ISBN: 1-57521-018-5. Universal CD-ROM.

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Sample Chapters

Chapter 2: Getting Connected
Helps you determine the appropriate level of bandwidth for your server, and explains the different speeds and corresponding costs. Shows what questions to ask, and how to choose an ISP.
Chapter 3: Establishing the Connection
Once you know what you need, learn how to establish that connection to the Internet. Explains the sometimes arcane language of IP addresses, routing, host and domain names, and setting up name services.
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