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Writing Well for the Web

Writing Well for the Web

Quick and Easy Tips for Non-writers

By Catherine Titta (ctitta@arbor-comm.com)

Writing for the Web is different. Surfers often have short attention spans, so you have to grab their attention with graphics and great text. Stick with the few tried and true writing tips in this article and you'll be on your way to writing well for the Web. We'll also cover the most common mistakes found on web pages.


Let's Talk about Writing Style
Gives you a few pointers on how to develop a comfortable writing style.
Writing Headlines People Will Want to Read
Shows you how the pros write good headlines.
Overcoming the Most Common Writing Mistakes and Pitfalls,
Provides tips for overcoming common grammatical boo-boos, and other things.
Online Resources You Can Tap
A useful list of links when you've got a specific writing style or editing question.

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Created: Dec. 7, 1996
Revised: Mar. 26, 2001

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