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Chapter 12

A Perl-based Web Site Search Engine

Features of the ICE Script

What You Need to Use This Script

Why You Would Want to Use This Script

We'll go on record as saying that any text-heavy site over ten full pages in length would benefit from a search engine. Before you run off and implement this script, though, take a moment to think about your objectives in building the site. Sites like the following probably do not require a search engine:

On the other hand, Web sites seeking to deliver large amounts of information efficiently are naturals for search engines. For example:

The script presented in this chapter is called ICE. Written by Christian Neuss of Germany, ICE is copyrighted, but freely distributable. His Web site (http://www.informatik.th-darmstadt.de/~neuss/ice/ice.html) contains the latest release of the code. Here are the conditions for the use of his software, as set out on his Web site:

"This code is free, but copyrighted. No liability whatsoever is accepted for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from any defect or inaccuracy in this information or code.

Feel free to modify the forms' front-end according to your needs, but please leave the pointer to the ICE homepage in there, so that people can always find an up to date version of the software.

If you really like ICE, or if you want to inspire new features or enhancements, you may feel free to send me a token of appreciation. This could be a such as a sample of your favorite beer, music, or literature - or even a postcard from your home town.

If you use ICE on a professional server, or install it as a commercial service for your customer, I'd appreciate a small shareware fee."

We decided to use ICE instead of writing our own search script for several reasons. First, it was freely distributable, and Herr Neuss gave us permission to include it in this book. Second, it is written in Perl, while most other search engines use C. Third, and most important, it already exists and it has been real-world tested.

Nerd Note

One of the cardinal rules of the Internet and programming:

Never code yourself something you can snarf off the Net for free.

We enthusiastically subscribe to this idea, as you can see from the various scripts included in this book. To loosely paraphrase a famous dead guy: "If I reach great heights, it is only because I stand on the shoulders of giants" (Sir Isaac Newton, circa 1676).

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