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From Net beginners to webmasters, webreference.com is the fastest way to learn about the Web and the art of Web site creation. From browsing to authoring, from HTML to advanced site design, we'll keep you up-to-date, informed, and in touch. Be sure to see who won the Web Wizard of the Month award. Frequent visitors will want to see what's new.
JavaScript Sourcebook Cover The JavaScript Sourcebook
Read Chapter 16: JavaScript and Forms. Learn how to effectively use JavaScript with forms. Take a load off your server by using JavaScript to validate your forms. Learn how to create and control the various parts of forms. By Gordon McComb. 10-31-96
GIF Animation Studio Cover GIF Animation Studio
Everything you'd want to know about GIF animation. Details the major animation programs, profiles leading designers, and documents advanced animation techniques. Read another chapter, about how to create an animated wall. By Richard Koman, of Web Review. 10-30-96
JavaScript Tip of the Week
In part two of this tip, learn the finer points of Dynamic HTML creation. First, use the newest browser version detection script to tailor your pages for any browser, JavaScript enabled or not, without redirecting users. Then, create eye catching intros to attract visitors and attention to your site. By Nick Heinle. 10-29-96
Web Site Book Cover Web Site Administrator's Survival Guide
A hands-on webmastering book. Shows how to set up, administer, care for, and feed your own Web server. Read Chapter 3: Establishing the Connection. Chapter 2 showed you what you need, now learn how to establish that connection to the Internet. Explains the sometimes arcane language of IP addresses, routing, host and domain names, and setting up name services. 10-25-96
QuickTime VR
"A cutting edge virtual reality delivery platform for the Web and CD-ROM." Learn how to create QTVR movies from an expert, with this first-hand report. Compares QTVR to VRML, and includes two movies you can navigate around. By June Campbell. 10-24-96.
JavaScript for Pros Cover JavaScript for Pros
Preview this upcoming book! An application-based JavaScript book that skips the history, VBScript, Java, and ActiveX, and focuses on one thing, how to write JavaScript. Read a chapter on event handlers. By Reaz Hoque. 10-21-96
Optimizing Animated GIFs
Learn how to create the smallest possible animated GIFs. A new technique called the "difference method" is explained. By Andrew King 10-9-96
Take the award-winning ROADMAP to the Information Superhighway course by Patrick Crispen, famous for his clarity and pesky squirrels. 10-1-96
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Cool Site of the Hour Cool Central
Visit our sister site Cool Central, which brings you the best of the Web every hour and even moment. Don't miss Nick Click, Private... Eye.

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