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From Net beginners to webmasters, webreference.com is the fastest way to learn about the Web and the art of webmastery. From browsing to authoring, HTML to advanced site design, we'll keep you in touch and informed. Here's our advertising, writers, and linking info.


3-D Animation Software
Responding to numerous reader requests, we take a quick look over the world of 3-D animation packages. By Robert Polevoi. 4-1-97
Animated GIF Resources
The best tutorials and software for creating and optimizing animated GIF89as. 3-29-97
CoverCascading Style Sheets - Exclusive Preview!
An entire book devoted to Cascading Style Sheets, from the folks who should know, the authors of style sheets. Learn how style sheets can work to save you time and format your entire site. Get a preview of HTML 4.0, the next version of HTML. By Hakon Lee and Bert Bos of the W3C. 3-25-97
Dmitry's Design Lab
This month Dmitry studies layout and typography through examples from professionally designed sites. One of the best ways to learn is by observing other people's work. 3-24-97.
Style Sheet Syntax
Learn the rules behind cascading style sheets with working examples, sample code, and key terms defined. Read about inheritance and why they call them "cascading." By Andrew King. 3-22-97
Push Technologies
Get your content here! Have it automatically "pushed" to your desktop with these convenient browser add-ons. 3-21-97
Review of The Week!
This week in Review Of The Week! Reviews Editor Robert Mullen enrolls Ziff Davis Press' new How to Program CGI with Perl 5.0 in it's own private boot camp from heck. Find out how this book fared under friendly fire! 3-16-97
Universal Related Popup Menus
This document describes the features, techniques, and tradeoffs behind webreference.com's JavaScript-enhanced front page Universal Related Popup Menus. By Andrew King. 3-12-97


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