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From Net beginners to webmasters, webreference.com is the fastest way to learn about the Web and the art of webmastery. From browsing to authoring, HTML to advanced site design, we'll keep you in touch and informed. Here's our ad rates, writers, and linking info.


The Death of the Information Superhighway
This time Rich ponders the effects of the Clinton Administration's hands-off policy for e-commerce on the Internet. Whatever happened to the Information Superhighway and the National Information Infrastructure? By Richard Wiggins. 7-7-97
Multimedia Resources
Want to add some multimedia to your web site? Look here for the best resources and tools. 7-7-97
Tonga opens domain name registry
Two enterprising silicon valley entrepreneurs have started their own domain name registry in Tonga. The tiny south pacific kingdom is virgin territory for domain names, and only about 1000 ".to" names have been reserved so far. The www.tonic.to web site (short for Tongan Network Information Center) can automatically register your new domain for $100 for the first two years. 7-4-97
Crack a Mac: The Next Generation
Hackers, Infinit Information AB has challenged all the hackers of the world to attack their Macintosh webserver "Hacke." If you are the first to change the text on this Swedish home page you could win 100,000 Swedish Kroners (about $13,000 US). From July 4 until October 15 "Hacke" will be available for new attacks at the address http://hacke.infinit.se/. Good luck! 7-3-97
Squeezed the Penguin
For those of you just tuning in, the animation optimization contest is over. Winners will be announced soon. Read about the newest contestant, BoxTop's GIFMation. The latest version adds optimization features to a highly intuitive interface, and gives GIFBuilder some stiff competition.
Image Resources
The best graphic image resources on the Web, where you can get free and pay images. 7-1-97
3-D Animation Workshop: Surfacing, Part 2
This time learn about the ways to get surface texture and "touchable" realism in 3-D objects. By Robert Polevoi. 6-30-97
Internationalizing HTML
Dmitry's third and final installment of his exclusive preview of HTML 4 Unleashed discusses the ways to overcome the pronounced Western bias in HTML and to make it more usable in the worldwide multilingual environment. You'll learn about the use of character encoding standards, about the real-world problems of serving international web content, and about the new internationalization provisions of HTML 4.0. 6-30-97
Software Resources
The best software repositories and collections out there. 6-26-97
Announcing Internet Outlook
We're proud to announce that Richard Wiggins has joined webreference.com as our new Internet columnist. Wiggins, a noted Internet expert, widely read author, and Internet TV show host, views the Internet from a global perspective, and will share his insights into what works and what doesn't on the Net in his new biweekly column "Internet Outlook." Don't miss the Internet License Plate gallery where he showcases vanity license plates with an Internet theme. 6-23-97

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