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what's new December 15, 1997

Internet and Web Presence Providers
The best and the biggest ISP's, free email and web hosting, and consulting services on the Net. 971215
Dreamweaver 1.0: First Look
The best of show at Internet World was Dreamweaver. This powerful and extensible professional-level HTML/DHTML editor allows designers to concentrate on design, and leave the coding to Macromedia. By Andrew King. 971213
Internet Outlook: All Those Wonderful Web Sites: Will They Last?
Since the Web's birth, a wealth of free services and useful e-commerce sites have sprung up. Will all these wonderful sites last? By Rich Wiggins. 971212
Graphics Software
The best 2-D, 3-D graphics and optimization software for both the Mac and PC. 971211
Find a Job
The top job search sites for the high tech professional. 971210
3-D Animation Workshop: VRML 97 - On the Move
In part III of our VRML 97 tutorial we show you how to create a simple 3-D animation, learning the basics of timing and interpolation. Read the code and view the world, through a VRML 97 perspective. By Robert Polevoi. 971209
Dreamweaver DHTML Design Contest!
To celebrate today's release of Dreamweaver (review), the good folks at Macromedia and Project Cool have cosponsored a web site design contest. The contest, which starts today at Fall IWorld, is focused on the themes of El Nino and the Year 2000. Awards will be presented for Best Web Site Design and Makeover using DHTML. The winners in each category will receive roundtrip airfare anywhere in the world. Good luck! 971208
E-commerce Collections
Set up shop online with the top ecommerce collections on the Web. 971205
Doc JavaScript: Crispy JavaScript Cookies - Rx #8
Bite into the Doc's latest morsel and learn all about Cookies. HTTP cookies add memory to your web pages by saving user-specific data on the client's hard drive. For your dining pleasure the Doc's cooked up some generic Cookie functions, which he uses for two examples: a page counter, and a personalized web page. By Tomer Shiran. 971204
Dynamic HTML Lab: DHTML Jigsaw Puzzle, Part III - NN4
In part III of our popular puzzle series we adapt our single-image, low-bandwidth, jigsaw puzzle for Navigator 4. Using a new set of images, we discuss the complete code necessary for creating, breaking, solving and customizing the puzzle. By Peter Belesis. 971203

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