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3-D Animation Workshop: VRML 97 - Using Authoring Tools
This time we examine an inexpensive VRML authoring program: Cosmo's Home Space Designer. Come fly through Robert's latest creation. By Robert Polevoi. 980120
Digital Watermark Resources
Digital watermarking software is flooding the market, and now there's even anti-watermarking software. Immerse yourself in this updated pool of watermarking resources and articles. 980115
Dynamic HTML Lab: Expandable/Collapsable Outlines
Maximize the use of precious screen real estate with on-demand expandable outlines. Our cross-browser technique allows outlines anywhere in your page flow, without the use of frames or dedicated pages. By Peter Belesis. 980114
Doc JavaScript: The Cross-Browser Event Model - Rx #11
In this final installment we sew up our two event models into a cross-browser version. Learn the differences between the event models in Navigator 4.0x and Internet Explorer 4.0x, and how to write interactive cross-browser event-driven scripts. By Tomer Shiran. 980113
HotWired Style: A Summary
Jeffrey Veen has written a new kind of web design book, a book about principles and design philosophy, not about nuts and bolts. HotWired Style codifies the ideas that worked at hotwired.com, and it's a must read. User-centered design, speed with style, clarity and simplicity (banish drop shadows and bevels), thinking above the fold, all these guidelines can help any site you design. By Andrew King. 980111
WebTV Design Guide For Webmasters
Learn how to design your web pages for display on WebTV, including the new Plus model. Colors, fonts, HTML tips, and WebTV-specific HTML tags are covered, including a screen shot of WebReference on WebTV. By Kathy Casper. 980109
Internet Outlook: Lowering Resistance to Internet Travel Purchases
Have you tried to buy a plane ticket, rent a car, or reserve a hotel room over the Web? Do you have a horror story? The online travel sites need to adapt better to customer needs in order to overcome resistance to online sales. By Rich Wiggins. 980108

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