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what's newFebruary 25, 1998
Intranet Resources
Thinking about an Intranet to solve your data exchange problems? Start here to learn how. Related article: Extraordinary Extranets. 980225
Meta Search Engines
Seek and ye shall find. Why search using only one engine when you can search ten simultaneously? Highlights include Ask Jeeves and devSEARCH.com. 980224
Doc JavaScript: Pop-out Elements - Rx #14
Show more content in less space with these nifty cross-browser pop-out elements. By Tomer Shiran. 980224
Dynamic HTML Lab: Redesign
Check out Peter's new DHTML Lab home page, complete with a newsfader, a new logo, a rollover, and expandable outlines for IE users. By Peter Belesis. 980223
Dmitry's Design Lab: The World of Fonts
Dmitry takes us "Back to the Futura" with this historic font how-to. First, a fontastic history of modern serif and sans serif typefaces, showing the main trends of font development in the past five centuries. Next, you'll learn the principles of choosing and matching fonts in a design composition. By Dmitry Kirsanov. 980223
Fresh JavaScript Links
Feel like jazzing up your web page with some cut-n-paste JavaScript code? Or maybe you want to go hard core and learn to do it yourself? Start here by checking out the best JavaScript collections and tutorials the Web has to offer. 980220
Dynamic HTML Lab: DHTML Hierarchical Menus
Are your users lost and weary, do they find your site too deep, do their eyes get red and bleary, do they end up in a heap? So what is the solution, I hear you beg of me? Why it's menus Peter built us, based on web site hierarchy. By Peter Belesis. 980220
Internet Outlook: Beware the Microsoft Cartoon Censor
Microsoft offers free sample animated characters for developers to test their Agent animation technology. Before you incorporate one of their characters into your Web site, read the Microsoft license terms carefully. By Rich Wiggins. 980220
HTML Safari
A sweaty figure emerges from a jungle of Link undergrowth. It's your WebReference HTML guru. She's cleared a path deep into the heart of steamy HTML. Follow her step by step on the Tutorial Links, or choose a Guide and blaze your own trail. There are many gems along the way. Related Article: How to Tame the Wild Mozilla 980219
Fusion 3.0a Review: WebDeveloper.com
A first look at the much improved NetObjects Fusion 3 WYSIWYG Web site editor. By David Fiedler. 980219
3-D Animation Workshop: SOFTIMAGE--View From the Top
We start an in-depth look at the Mount Everest of 3-D applications. By Robert Polevoi. 980218
The WebDeveloper.com Guide to XML
Check out Scott Clark's new XML tutorial at our sister site, WebDeveloper.com. 980218
Terrific Statistics
So you want to know how and where the Web is growing? Check out our updated list of wonderful Web statistics and user surveys. 980217

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