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what's newMarch 20, 1998
Evolution of a Home Page
Darwin would be proud of the many variations and permutations our home page has been through. Get the inside story of our popular DHTML news scroller in the latest version of this popular long-running design perspective. Enjoy it while you can, only the best features survive. By Andrew King. 980320
Information Architecture for the World Wide Web: WebDeveloper.com
If you run, design, or code Web sites larger than two dozen pages or so, then jump to this review of a book that might change the way you design sites forever. Don't miss the RealAudio interview with one of the authors! By David Fiedler. 980320
E-Commerce Payment Systems
Part of any e-commerce solution, these virtual card swipers let you go for the green . 980319
Net Buzz: Extensible Markup Language: XML
Plan to be working on the Web in the future? Then it's time to learn about XML. Will it lead to powerful dialects of SGML or a tower of Babel? Our intrepid Rich Wiggins interviews XML guru Peter Flynn and finds out why you'll need to learn this roll-your-own-tags language. 980319
SGML Links
If you want to know where you're going, you have to know where you've been. Check out our resources on SGML, the mother of HTML and XML. 980318
Related article: HTML Unleashed: SGML and the HTML DTD
Softimage: From Splines to NURBS
If you've seen Disney's recent remake of Flubber then you've seen what NURBS look like in action. Explore this significant development in 3-D modeling with our own Robert Polevoi and who knows, maybe your own dancing globs of gel will make millions too. 980317
Cascading Style Sheets
We've plumbed its depths and pooled our info so we could shower you with new links. Dip into the skinny of Cascading Style Sheets in this updated wellspring. 980317
Spring Internet World: The Photographer
Get the inside story of what it's like to work for Mecklermedia as the digital photographer. By Andrew King. 980316
Fresh JavaBean Links
Deep, dark, delicious, fresh, hot Javabean links. What does this metaphor have to do with writing code? We don't know, but our page is good to the last link, and just updated. 980316
Related article: Getting out of the Sandbox: Building an Applet Proxy Server
Download Sites
Sure you have your fav. download site bookmarked, like http://cws.internet.com but try our links to download sites and get the best the Web has to offer all in one place. 980316
The War on Spam: Internet World
Besieged with complaints, ISPs build barriers to unsolicited mail. 980316
Digital Certificates
How do you know where you are when you aren't anywhere at all? On the Web, when you need to know for sure what or who's on the other end of the connection you need a digital certificate. Follow these links to increased Internet security. 980313
Related article: Charged Up, Ready, and SET To Explode
DHTML Lab: Dynamic Page Segments
Minimize page scrolling. Discard redundant pages (framesets). Turn existing long pages into fast, tidy popup segments. Peter Belesis shows how to quickly create an exciting new look your users will love. 980312
CGI Resources
You'll be in fine form when you try out these CGI resources. It's where the best on the Web have bin. 980312
Doc Javascript: Lookup Lists
Instantly select your best match: if only dating were so easy. Don't make them scroll when they can type the first few letters and jump to the word they want. Tomer Shiran shows how to make lookup lists letter perfect. 980311

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