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Universal Related Popup Menus / Live Popups

Live Popups

Universal Related Popup Menus

To save a trip to the server, and the user an extra click, we use JavaScript to make our popup menus "live." A live popup acts similarly to a Mac menu, you pull down, select an option, and release the mouse button. This triggers the onChange event which calls the jmp(Page) function (or the relate(Menu) function in the case of the first menu with browsers that support the new Option command (Netscape 3+ and Explorer 4+)).

Live Select Lists

By adding the SIZE attribute to the SELECT tag, you can display multiple options at once. The SELECT menu displays as a scrolling list of options, rather than a popup menu. For the first SIZE options it takes just a single click to select and submit an option. This is useful for site navigation menus (see palm.com for an example). The JavaScript and CGI are identical for both menus. Setting SIZE=1 displays the select list as a popup menu.

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