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Web Me Wireless: Web Clipping and PQAs

Web Me Wireless:
An Introduction to Web Clipping and PQAs

By Eric Cook (ecook@internet.com)


A few short years ago, browsing the Web on a wireless handheld computer was nothing short of a Star Trek fantasy. How quickly times change -- today this is no longer an idle daydream, but a reality being put into effect by wireless and computer companies alike.

In the rush to move the Web to our untethered pocket gizmos, developers have to deal with a whole new subset of problems, including squeezing the graphics-rich web into a 5 by 3 inch screen, and getting all that data across the low-bandwidth ether. As we'll see, these problems are actually not all that difficult; they just require us to approach our creation of web content and code with a slightly different set of goals.

Let's focus on one of the most popular handhelds around, the Palm Organizer, and see how its developers are solving bandwidth problems with a system Palm Computing has christened Web Clipping.


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Created: Aug. 26, 1999
Revised: Aug. 26, 1999

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