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Web Me Wireless: Web Clipping and PQAs | 4

Sample Code

An Introduction to Web Clipping and PQAs

Since we're shooting for small and streamlined, the code is often minimal. Let's look at an example of a pre-compilation PQA:

Simple enough - and compact. After compiling, our test PQA is only 329 bytes large, and will look something like this:

Store Finder by City

Enter a city name to find the address of our nearest location.

City Name:  

The Web Clipping that your server returns should be even more concise:

Which will display results something like:

City Search Results

Metro Detroit Location of OurExample Inc.
1234 Old Woodward, Birmingham, MI 48125
Phone: 810-555-1111
Fax: 810-555-1112

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Created: Aug. 26, 1999
Revised: Aug. 27, 1999

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